T-CRANE 1060

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Following its launch at Bauma 2022, the T-Crane 1060, is the first pick & carry mini crane with self-levelling technology, in AlmaCrawler’s material handling offering.

Highly flexible, the T-Crane 1060 can be used in a variety of lifting situations. Essentially, this unique product functions like a pick & carry crane that can carry loads of up to 990kg, with a 7.7m lifting height and a 6.1m maximum working radius. This machine is 4.32m long with an extendable undercarriage that has a variable width from 1.35m to a max. 2.45m.

Equipped with innovative levelling technology, T-Crane 1060 easily manoeuvres on uneven and rough terrain, with inclinations of up to 15° laterally and longitudinally, without stabilisers.

The tracks allow the machine to lower its overall ground pressure while maintaining self-propelled quality. The operator can pick up loads and travel with the machine, while the boom is elevated at a maximum height of 7.7m. The maximum working radius is 6.11m, with a 450kg load.

Weighing only 3,850kg, the T-Crane 1060 has a removable 1,000kg counterweight which, when detached, allows operators to transport the crane by trailer due to a reduced weight of 2,850kg.

The T-Crane 1060 can be fitted with a Yanmar diesel engine and 110V/220V electric pump in the EVO version, or full electric with a 300Ah Lithium Battery pack in the LTH version.

Similar to the AlmaCrawler JIBBI line, the T-Crane is fitted with a radio remote control that guides the operator step by step, during all stages of use.


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