• Capacity: 250 kg
  • Working height: 15.4 m
  • Min. with: 1.35 m





The JIBBI U-1570 LTH is a lithium-powered lightweight boom lift, at just 2.95-tonne total weight.

Thanks to dynamic and pro-active levelling technology, this high-performance machine can navigate uneven ground and/or steep slopes of up to 22°. These advanced features have enabled the JIBBI U-1570 LTH to operate in areas that are usually inaccessible by traditional booms.  Combined with the innovative and patented Almacrawler bi-levelling undercarriage, this self-propelled tracked machine boasts an impressive working height of over 15 meters. With a load capacity in the basket of up to 250kg, it is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and lightweight crawler booms available in Australia.

The Ultralight Series represents the perfect combination of innovation, coupled with AlmaCrawler’s traditionally advanced functionality, all in a single machine.

Features JIBBI U-1570 LTH

Our sustainably sourced lithium batteries are utilised in the LTH version, which houses an impressive 300Ah-48V battery pack with a 4kW DC output, making this model quiet, efficient and ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It allows a maximum load capacity in the basket of 250 kg (2 operators), with a basket rotation angle of +/- 90°, a maximum outreach of 8.40 metres and max moving height to 9.5 m.

The machine’s compact size, coupled with the variable-width undercarriage track (operating configurations: 1.35 m, 1.90 m, 2.15 and 2.45 m), and a basket that’s designed to stay within the dimensional width of the machine, ensures successful operation in narrow work areas and access in confined spaces.

The JIBBI U-1570 LTH platform can also be monitored using the My Almac panel, designed to remotely manage machine settings.

In addition to the advantages described above, the JIBBI U-1570 EVO offers:

  • Ultrasonic anti-collision system;
  • Single joystick driving;
  • Cable console by AUTEC;
  • Combined levelling of up to 22°.

Optional equipment available

In order to offer its customers the possibility to have a specific product for their needs and works, AlmaCrawler has developed a series of set-ups for the JIBBI U-1570 LTH telescopic crawler platform such as:

  • Electric pump 220V-2,2Kw / 50Hz (Weight +30 Kg);
  • Radio control kit with rechargeable battery;
  • Arctic lubricant kit for cold climate;
  • Ultrasonic anti-collision system.

The JIBBI U-1570 LTH is a self-levelling platform with a telescopic boom, useful for various applications and easily transportable, thet making it particularly suitable for the rental market.

Almac Pacific are leaders in crawler aeriel work platforms. We provide access equipment for industries across hire, arbor, maintenance, construction and end-users. Our range of Spider Lifts, Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts take you higher, safer. Contact us today.



Max working height 15.40 m
Max height basket floor 13.40 m
Max moving height 9.50 m
Max outreach (load 80 kg) 9.65 m
Max outreach (load 140 kg) 8.23 m
Max outreach (load 230 kg) 7.33 m
Max outreach (load 250 kg) 6.83 m
Rotation angle +/-110°
Basket size 1.4 x 0.7 m
Basket rotation angle +/- 90°
Max basket capacity 250 kg
Length in stowed position 4.92 m
Min width in stowed position 1.35 m
Med working width 1.98 m
Max working width 2.45 m
Min height in stowed position 1.99 m
Longitudinal leveling +/- 15°
Lateral leveling +/- 15°
Max gradeability 25°
Max side greadeability 25°
Drive speed (fast) 2.0 km/h
Security speed 0.4 km/h
Traffic load (max working width) 3.50 kN/m2
Total weight ~ 2950 kg
Lithium battery pack 300Ah 48V DC 4kW
N° 2 battery charger 20Ah-48V (Re-charging time) 6h
Extras – On Demand
Non-marking tracks
Electric pump 220V-2,2KW / 50Hz (Weight +30 Kg)
Radio remote control with rechargeable battery
Arctic lubricant for cold climate
Ultrasonic Anti-collision System
Ultrasonic Anti-collision Systemx

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    This is the auxiliary traction control. For example while the machine is moving over a grass allowing the command in a “smooth control” with acceleration and deceleration phases extended. That void wrong commands like tracks counter-rotatition.

    This is the auxiliary steering control. For example while the machine is transferring and/or in a straight path allowing the operator to handle both tracks using one joy-stick forward and reward.