• Capacity: 250 kg
  • Working height: 17.9 m
  • Width: 2.20 m



The first full electric, self-levelling, tracked telescopic boom with electric drive, powered by fully removable battery power packs.
Designed to eliminate jobsite obstacles, with an 18m working height, it can safely be driven up to 14m and on 15° lateral and longitudinal inclination, drastically enhancing operator efficiency, productivity and safety.
  • Full electric with a completely removable power pack

Infinite autonomy with our fully removable Power Pack, integrated forklift pockets, a new and innovative power option. Each unit can be easily substituted if you use our equipment on a heavy-duty job, or simply take the power unit off-site for recharge.

Choose between interchangeable AGM or Lithium battery packs! The Jibbi 1890 PRiMO automatically recognizes the power unit and starts using it.

  • New controller

Completely reimagined controller for a streamlined user experience based on industry-accepted standards and rental sector needs. It features a standard Anti-Entrapment bar and comfortable joysticks.

  • Anti-Entrapment System

The AES anti-entrapment system is designed to prevent serious injury by stopping the unit when the operator is crushed against it. Our innovative system furthermore will go back on its trajectory for 3-5 seconds allowing space for the operator to safely remove himself.

  • Ultrasonic Anti-Collision System

The UAS sensors safeguard the aerial and travel operations by monitoring the area in front and behind the tracks, on the tail swing, and above and below the basket, preventing collisions with obstacles and offering pothole and drop-off protection. This is an optional kit that can be ordered on the Jibbi 1890 PRiMO.

  • ATS – Automatic Tensioning System

The ATS zero maintenance track tensioning system is directly connected to and controlled by the main hydraulic system. The tracks are automatically tensioned and require no greasing or maintenance.

Optional extra kits:

  • Work Lights Kit – an option for work lights positioned on the front and back of the undercarriage and around the basket.
  • Arctic lubricant for cold climate



Technical data JIBBI 1890 PRiMO
Max working height 17,90 m
Max height basket floor 15,90 m
Max moving height 13,80 m
Max outreach (load 140 kg) 9,92 m
Max outreach (250 kg) 8,32 m
Rotation angle +/- 190°
Basket size 1,80 x 0,70 m
Basket rotation angle +/- 70°
Max basket capacity 250 Kg (2 p.)
Length in stowed position 5,86 m
Width 2,20 m
Min height in stowed position 2,16 m
Longitudinal leveling +/-15,6°
Lateral leveling +/-15,6 °
Max gradeability 25°
Max side greadeability 25°
Drive speed (fast) 4,50 Km/h
Drive speed while at high 0,60 Km/h
Anti-Entrapment System Yes
Traffic load (Load in basket 140kg) 4,89 kN/m2 4,56 kN/m2 4,57 kN/m2
Total weight ~6300 Kg ~5870 Kg ~5910 Kg
Main Power Source Lead acid power pack 420Ah-48V Lithium power pack 330Ah-48V Lithium power pack 440Ah-48V
Re-charging time  – Output current 65A at 230V; 25A at 85V 6,5 h at 230V 5,0 h a 230V 6,5 h a 230V
N°1 battery charger 85-265V 50/60Hz 65A max – Automatic setting Yes
N°2 Electric Gearmotors 7.5 kW 48V each (IP67) Yes
Electric pump 4,5KW 48V Yes
Extras – On Demand
Non-marking tracks Yes
Kit Works Lights Yes
Arctic lubricant for cold climate Yes
Ultrasonic Anti-Collision System Yes

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