• Capacity: 250 kg
  • Working height: 18.0 mt
  • Min. with: 0.79 mt



Equipped with automatic variable stabilisation, the B1890 QUICK-PRO EVO is a new platform designed and manufactured by AlmaCrawler for the BL LINE. With this new line of machines, among which the B1890 QUICK-PRO EVO, AlmaCrawler offers to the professionals of the sector and to the market a new type of self-propelled tracked aerial platforms, which are born from the combination of the peculiar characteristics of the self-propelled wheeled aerial platforms and of the stabilised tracked aerial platforms.

The B1890 QUICK-PRO EVO is therefore an innovative type of aerial platform that AlmaCrawler defines Spider Lift, as it is morphologically unique and allows a better user experience and a superior application adaptability.

Key Features of the Spider Lift B1890 QUICK-PRO EVO

The B1890 QUICK-PRO EVO0 platform, equipped with a YANMAR 2TNV70 diesel engine, allows operators to reach up to 18 metres in height, with a maximum outreach of more than 10 metres and a slewing angle of +/- 185°. The basket can rotate up to 70° and can carry a weight of 250 kg.

The “XXL Undercarriage” of the B1890 QUICK-PRO EVO has been specifically designed to increase safety in daily loading/unloading and platform movement operations, while respecting the typical compactness characteristics (variable track width 0.79÷1.39 m and undercarriage length of over 2 m).

Among the other different features of the B1890 QUICK-PRO EVO model, there are several technologies that make this platform exclusive in its kind, such as:

  • Self-Propelled Skilled System – SPS, a technology that allows the platform to be used on longitudinal slopes of up to 10° and lateral slopes of up to 5° in complete safety without the use of outriggers;
  • Automatic Tensioner System – ATS, hydraulic track tensioning system
  • Adaptive Working Performance – AWP, outreach performance technology based on the effective stabilisation area.

Quick-PRO Fully Automatic Stabilisation System

The Quick-PRO is a new automatic stabilisation configuration system that allows 6 different machine positioning configurations to be selected directly from the control panel via a special selector switch. Thanks to the telescopic stabilisers, it is possible to choose between a narrow stabilisation area of 4.29 m x 2.76 m, a wide stabilisation area of 4.97 m x 3.65 m and 4 different partial stabilisation areas.

Available options

AlmaCrawler’s aim is to offer its customers platforms that are high-performance, safe and able to meet their needs. For these reasons, the aerial platform B1890 QUICK-PRO EVO can be equipped with several options including:

  • Radio control kit
  • Tasket Basket, a shrinkable basket that does not require disassembly to cross narrow spaces;
  • Electric pump220V-2.2KW / 50Hz
  • Ultrasonic anti-collision system
  • Customised coating.

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Max working height 18,00 m
Max height basket floor 16,00 m
Moving height 9,00 m
Max outreach (load 80 kg) 10,9 m
Max outreach (load 140 kg) 9,8 m
Max outreach (load 200 kg) 8,8 m
Max outreach (load 230 kg or 250 kg) 8,1 m
Rotation angle +/- 185°
Basket size 1,4 x 0,74 m
Basket rotation angle +/- 70°
Max basket capacity 250 Kg
Length in stowed position (with detached basket) 5,83 m (5,13 m)
Min width in stowed position 0,79 m
Minimum working width on tracks 0,79 m
Maximum working width on tracks 1,39 m
Min height in stowed position 1,98 m
Longitudinal leveling by SPS +/-10°
Max lateral inclination with SPS +/-5 °
Max gradeability 20°
Max side greadeability +/-5 °
Maximum stabilisation area 3,66 m x 4,97 m
Stabilisation Quick-PRO
Drive speed (fast) 2,5 Km/h
Security speed 0,4 Km/h
Non-marking tracks Yes
Cable Remote LED Consolle or DISLAY Consolle Yes
Removable pads Yes
Traffic load
Total weight ≃ 2930 Kg
Main Power Source YANMAR 2TNV70 10.2 kW (13.9 HP) @ 3600 rpm
Hydraulic gearmotors Yes
Electric gearmotors No
N°2 battery charger 20Ah-48 V No
Extras – On Demand
Tasket Basket 0,78 (1,20) x 0,7 m
Wide Basket 1,8 x 0,7 m
Motore Hatz 1B40 No
Eletric pump 220V-2,2KW / 50Hz (Weight +30 Kg) Yes
Radio remote dsplay or led control Yes
Arctic lubricant for cold climate Yes
Anticollision System Yes
Customized powder coating (One Special Colour + BLACK 9005) Yes

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    This is the auxiliary traction control. For example while the machine is moving over a grass allowing the command in a “smooth control” with acceleration and deceleration phases extended. That void wrong commands like tracks counter-rotatition.

    This is the auxiliary steering control. For example while the machine is transferring and/or in a straight path allowing the operator to handle both tracks using one joy-stick forward and reward.