• B1570 VISUAL ETS

    • Capacity: 230 kg
    • Working height: 15.0 mt
    • Min. with: 0.79 mt

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    • Capacity: 250 kg
    • Working height: 18.0 mt
    • Min. with: 0.79 mt

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Self-propelled, tracked Spider Lift

The BT LINE range of aerial-work platforms changes the concept of working at height. This spider lift combines the characteristics of self-propelled, wheeled aerial platforms, with stabilised, tracked-aerial platforms.

Overall, this machine provides an easier experience and superior adaptability.

The different spider lift models reach working heights of 15 or 18 metres. They are available in two different types of automatic stabilisation, fixed-visual or variable Quick-Pro. With three power options (petrol endothermic for ETS version, diesel endothermic for EVO version and full lithium electric for LTH version), it's no wonder this new player has created so much disruption in the market.