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Almac Pacific are excited to announce that Pace Cranes has been appointed the national distributor for its AlmaCrawler range of Multi-Loaders.

Almac Pacific general manager Bob Mules, Pace Cranes managing director Anthony Heeks, and Pace Cranes national sales manager Michael Cawston provide the background to the development.

“I was in conversation with several crane companies that were looking at diversifying their offering, when I spoke with Pace Cranes. I knew of the business from my previous life helping run the EWP fleet at Gillespie Cranes, back in the early 2000s.

“Looking at Pace Cranes’ range and offerings, I noted that they already stocked tracked carriers, and wondered if the AlmaCrawler range would be competing with that, or rather that it would align with and compliment their range.

“I rang Anthony, and we decided it was worth a conversation. Anthony confirmed they’d been getting calls from their customers about the tracked carriers, but they wanted larger capacities with more unique features.

“As we chatted, we realised that the AlmaCrawler range would definitely compliment the existing range at Pace Cranes.

From my perspective, the relationship is a great fit in the crane and lifting environment, and also in the infrastructure and construction sectors that our range targets.”

Anthony Heeks explains how he sees the range fitting into the Pace Cranes suite of products.

“The tracked carriers work very well with spider cranes, which do have limited pick and carry capabilities,” he said.

“Our Madea range is ideal when you are working on sites with narrow access, or working behind houses, whether it’s working with steel, spas, or pools, or anything like that. The problem is how do we get the gear there?

“In the past, the solution was to lift it over the house with a large all-terrain crane, which is expensive. The Maeda mini crawlers have been a great option for the lifting aspect of these projects, and they are far more cost effective, but you still have to get the gear to the crane. We could see the tracked carriers being a great solution to this problem. The AlmaCrawler range really complements our existing product line-up.

“It fits in nicely because where the capacity of our other products finish, the AlmaCrawler range takes off.

The range has larger capacities, they feature self-leveling capabilities and they have a lot of options including diesel or battery. They also have carrier and crane options. Our business is based on this type of niche market, and our products are specialised.”


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(L to R) Anthony Heeks, Pace Cranes, Bob Mules, Almac Pacific, and Michael Cawston, Pace Cranes.