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The opinion of Nigel McKinley, the UpHire Managing Director

Whether the project is big or small, day or night, Uphire has the right equipment and hire solution for you. We of Uphire loves being first to market with new equipment, so back in 2016 when we first saw the unique capability of the Athena Bi-levelling scissor lift, Uphire had to have one, in fact we bought two, said Managing Director Nigel McKinley.

McKinley added “At the time the Athena 850 was a new machine in the Australian market and this unit offered something that other machines didn’t. The ability to level on slopes, uneven ground and inclines up to 20 degrees without outriggers was, and still is, something unique in our industry. This appealed to me and gave us a point of difference, which is important for any company. With a platform capacity of 250kg and a working height of 8 metres, the Athena 850 Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift is an exceptional machine for all your tasks. This machine can take on challenging landscapes and is designed to provide stability on uneven terrain, ensuring workers are protected and are able to work on the platform safely.”

What problem did the machine solve for the UpHire customer

Uphire, located in Sydney, added two more Athena 850 BL‘s in 2017 and a Jibbi 1250 EVO and the Athena 1090 EVO to its fleet in 2020. The features on these machines make it an easy choice for the “hard to get to” jobs where bigger conventional booms and scissors can’t because of size, weight and length restrictions for certain jobs. Recently Uphire had a customer that needed the Jibbi 1250 EVO to do high pressure water cleaning on a building in the City of Sydney. The light weight and rubber tracks of the Jibbi 1250 EVO was ideal as it was working on a foot path where there were underground services below. Overnight when the machine is packed up it’s nice and compact and doesn’t take up too much space and an added bonus is that it is much easier for a smaller truck to transport it through the busy CBD. The Athena 1090 EVO was perfect for another job, where a conventional scissor couldn’t fit because of the tight narrow access and there was weight restrictions as well. Steel plates were needed to be placed over a pit and then drive the Athena 1090 onto the plates to get close up to the building. The site engineers were amazed of the Bi Levelling capabilities along with the compact size of the machine. I can’t think of many other machines that would of been able to this job.

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