HRIA Best New Product 2023

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AlmaCrawler continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, with their JIBBI 1890 PRiMO now recognised as the Hire and Rental Industry Association’s (HRIA) HIRE23 – Best New Product for Access Equipment.

The award, presented to General Manager Bob Mules and CEO Andrea Artoni, recognises true excellence and innovation. It focuses on new offerings across the industry with regards to modernising and enhancing technology, safety and performance.

Judged by an expert panel and voted on by HRIA members attending HIRE23, this accolade highlight’s the strengths of Almac’s strategic approach to research and development in order to lead the advancement of access equipment.

“Our customer-centric approach ensures that our equipment is engineered based on real-world scenarios. Our customers provide us with invaluable knowledge for product and design innovation and it is their feedback that ensures our machines are exceptional in functionality, reliability and durability across diverse environments”, said Bob Mules, general manager, Almac Pacific.

Using 100% Italian materials and technology, Almac stands true to their reputation for producing world-class access equipment that exceeds the required Australian and New Zealand standards. All machines are produced using Italian materials, in Italy, at Almac’s Viadana facilities in the province of Mantua. Constant research into new technologies and functions allows Almac to surge forward with exclusively unique and high-performance machines for the industry.

The JIBBI 1890 PRiMO (PRiMO) marks a significant milestone for Almac as it introduces their first fully electric, self-levelling, tracked telescopic boom with electric drive. This innovative addition to their product range was unveiled at the Hire and Rental Industry Association’s HIRE23 event in Sydney last month and represents the evolution of their renowned JT-Line.

Crafted to meet the demanding requirements of complex worksites, the PRiMO showcases an impressive 18-meter working height, enabling safe driving and automatic levelling at 14 meters on 15° lateral and longitudinal inclinations. What sets this telescopic boom apart is its exceptional versatility, allowing it to operate effectively on heavy, sloping, and slippery terrains. With a total weight of 5,900kg, it holds the distinction of being the lightest 18-meter telescopic boom in the market. This remarkable feat is made possible by its design which allows levelling of the chassis up to 15 degrees laterally and longitudinally without the use of outriggers. Moreover, the PRiMO features a generous 38cm ground clearance and low ground pressure, further enhancing its adaptability. The track width of 2.20m allows the machine to navigate with ease in narrow workspaces, providing flexibility in diverse work environments.

The PRiMO comes equipped with a 1.8-meter wide basket as a standard feature, which can rotate +/- 70°, offering a maximum capacity of 250 kg. It presents two reach options: 9.9 meters in the 140kg working diagram and 8.3 meters in the 250kg working diagram. These capabilities enable efficient and precise execution of tasks at varying heights and weight requirements.

Safety is a paramount concern at any worksite, and the PRiMO addresses this with its advanced safety features. The Anti-Entrapment System is designed to prevent serious injuries by automatically stopping the machine and initiating a reverse trajectory for 3-5 seconds when a crushing injury is imminent. This system acts as a crucial safeguard, providing vital protection for operators and other personnel. In addition, Ultrasonic Anti-Collision Sensors are strategically placed to monitor the area above and below the basket, as well as the front and back of the tracks and the tail swing. This comprehensive sensor system ensures collisions are prevented, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

The PRiMO offers three battery pack options, which are entirely removable and replaceable. These options include the ELC (Lead Acid 420Ah 48V), LTH 330 (Lithium 330Ah 48V), and LTH 440 (Lithium 440Ah 48V). This flexibility allows users to select the battery pack that best suits their specific needs and operational requirements.

To cater to evolving industry demands, the PRiMO features a redesigned controller with an Anti-Entrapment bar and comfortable joysticks, enhancing the user experience. This controller streamlines operations and ensures ease of use, making the PRiMO a user-friendly machine for operators of all levels of expertise.

Furthermore, the PRiMO incorporates an Automatic Tensioning System, which enables a zero-maintenance track tensioning mechanism that is directly connected to and controlled by the main hydraulic system. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments, minimising downtime and optimising productivity. Additionally, the inclusion of work lights on the front and back undercarriage, as well as around the basket, further enhances safety during operations.

With its cutting-edge technology and emphasis on safety, the PRiMO stands out as one of the most advanced and secure pieces of equipment available in the market. Almac has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction by introducing a telescopic boom that not only meets the complex demands of worksites, but also ensures the well-being of operators.

The JIBBI 1890 PRiMO is a testament to Almac’s dedication to providing superior solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible in the industry.

Other products available from Almac includes the JIBBI range, Billennium (SpiderBoom) range, Athena range, and Multi Loader range.

The JIBBI range features a series of compact, tracked boom lifts renowned for their exceptional manoeuvrability and ability to work on inclinations up to 15 degrees. These machines are specifically engineered for challenging terrains, ensuring accessibility and efficiency in construction, maintenance, and landscaping projects. With advanced safety features and user-friendly controls, the JIBBI range prioritises operator comfort and productivity.

The Billennium (SpiderBoom) range comprises versatile and agile spider lifts, designed to navigate confined spaces with ease. Equipped with advanced technology and a range of working heights, these machines excel in tasks requiring precise positioning and accessibility. From construction and building to maintenance works, the Billennium range offers unmatched versatility and efficiency.

The Athena range includes self-propelled scissor lifts renowned for their robustness, reliability, and enhanced productivity. These lifts are designed to withstand rigorous conditions and provide elevated working heights for a wide range of applications. Featuring intelligent safety systems and ergonomic design, the Athena range ensures operator comfort and optimum performance capable of working on inclines up to 20 degrees.

The Multi Loader range offers an array of compact and lightweight tracked carriers, designed to tackle demanding tasks in various industries. These versatile machines boast exceptional load capacities and traction capabilities, making them ideal for transporting materials and equipment, across challenging terrains where you would usually require a crane.

Almac has established a strong and extensive dealership network, forming valuable partnerships with industry-leading companies such as United Forklift and Access Solutions (AU), Youngman Richardson & Co Ltd (NZ), and Pace Cranes (Multi Loaders).

“These networks play a vital role in enabling Almac to deliver exceptional products and services to their customers. Our partnerships are built on mutual trust, shared values, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our dealers possess extensive industry knowledge and expertise. They amplify our ability to reach customers, offer customised solutions, and provide ongoing support”, Bob Mules.


Almac’s commitment to innovation, durability, and customer satisfaction is evident in their diverse range of equipment and well-established networks. Almac continues to be a trusted partner in delivering reliable and efficient solutions for a wide range of applications. Contact Almac today on 0402 982 999.