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All accessories are fully self-installable, completely independent and do not permanently alter the ML 3.0 FX, instead working as add-ons:

  • LIFTER KIT KML 1.0 A hydraulic scissor lift table with a max capacity 1,000kg (2,205lbs) reaching a max height of close to 2m (6.6ft). The kit is self-standing when removed from the ML 3.0 FX and comes equipped with all the necessary hydraulic, electric and power connections needed to make it function as soon as it is plugged in.
  • LIFTER KIT KML 2.0 This second option of the Lifter Kit is identical to the KML1.0 described above, the difference being that this is a double stage hydraulic scissor lift table with a max capacity of 400kg (882lbs) but a max reachable height of close to 3m (9.8ft). This offers the possibility to reach higher easier.
  • DUMPER KIT KDM13 It is a fully installable dumper kit that can transform the tracked carrier ML 3.0 FX into a 1,300kg (2,866lbs) capacity front-loading full electric dumper. With a robust steel bucket that can be tipped both frontally and laterally, it is built to tackle the roughest of jobs on commercial or domestic building sites, and will dramatically reduce the amount of time, money and energy operators will need to use.

The new kits aim to allow the ML 3.0 FX to become a 360° transporting tool that can be equipped with the right attachment for the right job each time. The concept is that of creating a solution that can be employed as various machinery without the need for multiple types of machinery on the jobsite.

These purpose-built attachments enhance the end-user return on investment. The new Lifter Kits and Dumper Kit join the original set of accessories which include:

  • The Dolly with max 1,500kg (3,307lbs) capacity – an extension to be used when carrying extra-long loads. Can be used to transport steel or wooden beams, pipes, etc.
  • The Multiframe with a max 2,400kg (5,290lbs) capacity (1,200kg-2,645lbs on each side) – an a-frame double sided rack for the safe transport of windows and/or flat glass.
  • The Battery Trolley – a custom storage trolley designed to help the operator easily extract the battery pack from the ML 3.0 FX. Can be used to store extra batteries or remove depleted batteries for charging while a new battery is easily installed on the ML 3.0 FX.

More information on the new ML 3.0 FX and its attachments, contact us: Bob Mules 0402 982 999