Introducing the Multi-Loader 3.0FX

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The latest addition to Multi-Loader line up is the ML3.0 FX, and will be available in Australia from mid-2022.

There are now three models available in Australia and New Zealand from the AlmaCrawler Multi-Loader range – ML2.5 Performance, ML3.0 FX (NEW – coming mid-2022) and the ML6.0.

This model is a powerful and versatile flatbed tracked carrier which can be used in various heavy-duty applications both indoors and outdoors, with a maximum load capacity of three tonnes. It has class leading electric drive with two super quiet AC electric motors, 5.3 kW each [rated IP 67]. The ML 3.0FX can be fitted with both AGM or Lithium batteries, both options inside an easily extractable battery pack that will allow you to change it quickly on the job site and continue your work.

It has telescopic support beams on each corner to provide for added support for extra-large loads. These can be positioned into place manually and therefore extend the platform either longitudinally or laterally. The standard swivel platform sits on a freely rotating slewing ring with 16 different positions which you can also manually choose from and easily adapt the platform to your load.

Finally, the new ML 3.0 FX with its electric drive weighs less than 800kg, features longer tracks and adaptive rollers representing AlmaCrawler’s desire to cater to its materials handling customers and their wide range of needs.

AlmaCrawler Multi-Loader carriers maintain a constant horizontal surface, with the ML2.5 Performance and the ML6.0 capable of operating on rough or sloping terrain thanks to bi-levelling technology. The unique and innovative tracking system adopted by AlmaCrawler, allows the carrier to operate on all different types of terrain, ensuring maximum manoeuvrability and precision even in the narrowest of spaces, with minimum ground pressure. Each model is available with full remote control which enhances operability and safety.

Contact us today for more information. Download ML3.0 brochure here.