Billennium Series – Tracked Spider Lift

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Self-propelled, tracked spider lifts: the BT LINE range of aerial-work platforms changes the concept of working at height by combining the characteristics of self-propelled and wheeled-aerial platforms, with stabilised tracked-aerial platforms.

The goal was to create a single product that combined the key features of self-propelled, wheeled-aerial platforms, with stabilised tracked aerial platforms. Through extensive research and development, AlmaCrawler managed to develop the Billennium range which offers a morphologically unique product with a simpler user experience, and superior market adaptability. The end result caters to both the professional end-user, and the rental sector.

The B1570 and B1890 with a working height of 15m & 18m respectively, also have two different types of automatic stabilisation, Fixed (Visual) or Variable (Quick-PRO). There are also three power options available including, petrol engine (ETS version), diesel engine (EVO version) and full electric lithium (LTH version).

All versions showcase typical tracked platform size compactness (minimum width 0.78m) and a competitive maximum weight (2600kg, 2900 kg) to ensure transportability on traditional trailers.

With an operating outreach of 8.6m and 9.8m respectively, and a maximum load capacity in the basket of 230kg and 250kg, the Billennium Spiderbooms will also feature a series of new technological features:

  • SPS (Self-Propelled Skilled System) – This new patent-pending system allows the use of the machine even without lowering the stabilisers, on slopes up to 10° longitudinally and up to 5° laterally. The platform can safely and directly be used up to 9m working heights, thanks to the advanced control and leveling systems of the machine.
  • AWP (Adaptive Working Performance) – This new patent-pending system allows for the optimisation of the operational outreach. It calculates the stabilisation area in real time by measuring the angle of deployment of each individual stabiliser, the performance being determined by checking the actual stabilisation area in real time.
  • Automatic Stabilisation – All Billennium models are equipped with the automatic stabilisation system as standard. Two choices include:
  • A) Visual – Automatic stabilisation with a fixed area.
  • B) Quick-PRO – Automatic Stabilisation with variable areas, it offers six different machine positioning configurations. Simple to choose through the onboard selector, it automatically interacts with the AWP system and gives the operator the best possible outreach performance.
  • Undercarriage XXL – AlmaCrawler design which allows for an easier and safer daily loading / unloading as well as the selfpropelled capabilities of the Spiderbooms. This without sacrificing the typical size compactness (variable track 0.79 ÷ 1.39 m but with a longer track length – 2 m).
  • ATS (Automatic Tensioner System) – Uniquely designed “ZERO MAINTENANCE” hydraulic system for the automatic tensioning of the track.
  • Tasket Basket – The only resizable basket on the market, no disassembly needed, can go through narrow passages, and it extends from the minimum width of the aerial platform 0.79m to a comfortable-for-two 1.2m.

The Billennium Spiderboom was designed to complement AlmaCrawler’s already popular range of innovative tracked aerial platforms, including the Athena HE and Athena BL scissor lifts, the JIBBI telescopic boom lift, and the Multi Loader tracked carriers. Available with our intelligent, integrated anti-collision detection technology.

Through its all-terrain versatility for working safely at height, the Billennium Line is highly suited for construction and industrial applications, the arbor sector as well as building and park maintenance.

The Billennium range is available directly through Almac Pacific or our Australian exclusive national dealer, United Forklift and Access Solutions.