An AlmaCrawler technician will deliver the aerial platform following a practical demonstration

One of AlmaCrawler’s strong points is its after-sales service, which includes the scissor lift distribution network, a practical and technical demonstration and the warranty with which machines are delivered.

Transport and delivery of machines

The AlmaCrawler sales network is able to deliver its full range of products either via land in Europe or via sea overseas. The AlmaCrawler logistics office supports to its official sales network, ensuring the fastest and safest transportation of machines, continuously tracking the machine’s whereabouts. Once the machine reaches its destination, the official partners will be responsible for providing the after-sales service.

Demonstration of aerial platform functions

Once the products reach their destination, the company’s authorised dealers deliver the machines to their customers and provide a technical use and maintenance course.All these operations are carried out in total compliance with the AlmaCrawler quality policy. After the initial explanations, the crawler machines are jointly tested in collaboration with both the company’s and client’s technicians.

Contractual warranty

The company also offers a 12-month contractual warranty on all crawled equipment it produces, which covers:

  • manufacturing defects
  • operational defects
  • defects in the materials composing the machine

The warranty allows the repair of all hydraulic and mechanical type faults caused by unexpected and accidental defects in one or more components.This service is offered by all local dealers or authorised service centres.

Want more information on delivery and the mini scissor lift demonstration?

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