1090 PRiMO

  • Min. width: 1,46 m
  • Capacity: 300 kg
  • Max height: 10,00 m


1090 PRiMO

The 1090 PRiMO is the first fully electric 10m scissor platform with electric drive and fully removable and interchangeable battery pack!

The innovative self-propelled tracked scissor lift with a patented self-levelling technology, the ATHENA Line overcome s standard limits of traditional equipment.
With working heights of 10m, load capacity of 250kg to 300kg and the bi-levelling technology for up to 20° inclination, the 1090 PRiMO was designed for safety and productivity on the jobsite!

The 1090 PRiMO is the first ATHENA to feature the innovative EAS Anti-Entrapment System, a technology designed to prevent serious injury by stopping the unit but allowing space for the operator to safely remove himself. In addition, the ATS Automatic Track Tensioning System ensures that the tracks are correctly tensioned, eliminating the need for maintenance.

Infinite autonomy with our fully removable Power Pack with integrated forklift pockets, a new and innovative power option. Each unit can be easily substituted and taken for recharge off-site. Choose between interchangeable Lead Acid or Lithium battery packs!

The platform features a new design for easy maintenance.

Main features:

  • Fully electric
  • Electric drive
  • Infinite autonomy thanks to removable and interchangeable battery pack
  • Anti-Entrapment System
  • Easy maintenance thanks to new design
  • Pockets for forklift forks
  • ATS System – Automatic Tensioning System



Technical data Dati tecnici
Basket capacity 300 kg (2 op.) Portata in navicella
Basket size 1.80 x 1.30 m Dimensione navicella
Max working height 10.0 m Altezza max di lavoro
Max height basket floor 8.0 m Altezza max calpestio
Moving height 6.5 m Altezza di traslazione
Undercarriage Bi-Levelling Sottocarro
Basket levelling Automatic Livellamento navicella
Longitudinal levelling Front +/- 15° Livell. longitudinale anteriore
Longitudinal levelling Rear +/- 20° Livell. longitudinale posteriore
Lateral levelling +/- 14° Livell. laterale
Electric pump (option) 220V-2,2kW Elettropompa (opzionale)
Speed max 4.5 km/h Velocità
Gradeability 25° Pendenza superabile
Side slope 21° Massima pendenza laterale
Length 2.35 m Lunghezza
Width 1.46 ÷ 1.64 m Larghezza
Min height with narrow tracks (folded railings) 2.42 (2,09) m Altezza minima ringhiere ripiegate con cingoli stretti
Min height with wide tracks (folded railings) 2.09 (1,75) m Altezza minima ringhiere ripiegate con cingoli larghi
Compliance EN 280, ANSI, CSA, AS/NZS Conforme
Power N°2 electric motor – Total Power 10.6 Kw Alimentazione
Battery Charger 85-270VAC 50/60Hz – AUTOMATIC SETTING Carica batterie
Battery Power Pack Lead Crystal Lithium Pacco Batteria
Total weight 3130 Kg 2880 Kg Peso totale

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    This is the auxiliary traction control. For example while the machine is moving over a grass allowing the command in a “smooth control” with acceleration and deceleration phases extended. That void wrong commands like tracks counter-rotatition.

    This is the auxiliary steering control. For example while the machine is transferring and/or in a straight path allowing the operator to handle both tracks using one joy-stick forward and reward.