What is MyAlmac?

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MyAlmac is an online portal developed by AlmaCrawler to centralise and simplify the management of all after-sales operations, spare parts purchases and warranty procedures.

The portal provides 24/7 access to technical documentation, management and monitoring tools, giving users all the information they need to maintain and manage their AlmaCrawler platforms, as well as access to our unique remote service system.

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Key features of MyAlmac

The AlmaCrawler platforms are supplied as standard with a data SIM card that enables connectivity between the telemetry device and the MyAlmac online website portal.

MyAlmac offers various functionalities and can be divided into two categories: those available without SIM connectivity and those that require it.

Even without SIM connectivity, users can access essential support services such as spare parts purchasing, telephone or e-mail support and technical documentation downloads. When the data SIM is connected, advanced functionality becomes available, including real-time monitoring, platform parameter management and remote assistance and diagnostics, as well as remote software updates.


Features available without SIM connectivity:

  1. Purchase of spare parts: The portal allows users to order spare parts via an online shop. Users can search for parts by machine serial number or specific part number. The system ensures that all machine models compatible with the selected parts are displayed. They can view the details of each part, add it to the shopping cart and complete the order by entering the required login details and delivery address.
  2. Customer Service: The customer service section allows users to contact the service department directly, send enquiries or make reports.
  3. Media and technical documentation: Users can download documents and data sheets on AlmaCrawler platforms, ensuring easy and immediate access to all the information they need.


Features that require SIM connectivity:

  1. Machine monitoring: The MyAlmac portal allows users to view all the AlmaCrawler machines in their fleet, monitor usage (e.g. working hours, machine status, GPS position) and check warranty activation. It is also possible to view any platform errors and allarms, as well as machine positioning.
  2. Machine management: You can interact and change operating parameters, set rental days, change height limit, remotely disable machine functions in case of forced maintenance or alarm.
  3. Software Update: Ensures that machines receive software updates remotely, keeping machines up to date, with no need to deploy service personnel onsite.
  4. Remote assistance: Allows the AlmaCrawler or national dealer service department to intervene and diagnose problems remotely, reducing downtime due to faults or problems and drastically improving the capability of accurate onsite intervention.
  5. Download work data: Allows users to download data from the last 30 days of machine activity, useful for analysis and reporting. This allows users to keep track of the machine’s work and perform detailed analysis to optimise operations.


Renewal of SIM connectivity

The first 24 months of data SIM usage are included with the purchasing of the machine, unless otherwise agreed at the time of purchase.

At the end of this period, in order to continue using the features requiring a data connection, a renewal is offered.

The renewal gives access to advanced machine monitoring and management functions and ensures that the MyAlmac telemetry system can continue to receive and send data to the MyAlmac portal. The renewal procedure provides that, 90 days before the expiry date, the customer (and if applicable, the national dealer) will receive a notification email every 15 days (in total 5 notifications) to inform them of the expiry of the SIM connectivity. If the customer does not wish to renew, the SIM will be deactivated at the end of the validity period and can be reactivated at a later date by purchasing an extension of at least 24 months or more.