Professionals in the design and sale of crawled aerial platforms

After making its market début in 2013, Almac quickly became a leading company in the design and sale of mini tracked aerial platforms and crawler scissor lifts. These machines guarantee high performance, simplifying the work of professionals that use them on a daily basis.

The sales network

Almac sells and distributes its crawled machines exclusively through localised dealers, thus facilitating the delivery of a localised marketing programme. All localised dealers are carefully selected and constantly up-to-date to ensure customers receive qualified, timely and exhaustive assistance, both pre and post purchase. The company’s competitive focus has become increasingly geared toward the customer’s overall perceived value, dependent not only on the characteristics of the aerial platforms purchased, but also on the quality, promptness, personalisation and completeness of the product/service received, both during the purchase and after the sale.

Australia and New Zealand retailer

United Equipment, trading as United Forklift and Access Solutions, is today one of Australia’s largest privately owned forklift and access equipment companies.

In New Zealand, our national retailer is  Youngman Richardson & Co. LTD, the  number one specialists in top of access equipment in its country.

Help service

AlmaCrawler relies on its localised dealers to provide a customer help service, providing support to customers both during the warranty period and beyond. Of course, all this occurs in coordination with the company’s own technical help service

Safety standards

Every new AlmaCrawler model is tested and approved in accordance with current Australian and New Zealand standards before being released on the market. The commissioning process, which follows a thorough inspection of the machine’s functions before its delivery to the customer, guarantees the safety of aerial platforms in line with modern needs.